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Faldt lige over denne lille oversigtManageability over open source portalservere til Java. En portalserver er en slags moderapplikation, hvori man kan putte en række mindre applikationer: CMS, div. communityware, e-handel etc.

Specielt synes jeg at eXo ser fornuftig ud. Kan køre på standard Java applikationsservere (Shipper med JBoss), bruger hibernate og Java Server Faces (JSF).

Tror lige jeg vil snuse lidt til det. De tider er ovre, hvor man lavede ting fra bunden selv — byggeklodserne bliver større og mere komplekse. Portlet-specifikationen (JSR-168) er en standard for portlets, der er PORTable applikationer, som kan køres i forskellige portlet-containere.

Og det var så lidt tech. Hvis nogen skulle være i tviv.

upd: Carlos har også en god kategori om aspektorientering

Speciale Online

Jeg har lige smidt vores speciale online.

Det handler om en open source applikationsserver, så naturligvis er det publiceret under en Creative Commons licens. I vores tilfælde Attribution-ShareAlike

Det betyder i praksis, at man må

  • kopiere, distribuere, vise og opføre værket
  • lave afledte værker
  • bruge værket kommercielt

Under den forudsætning at man

  • angiver de oprindelige forfattere
  • viderefører licensformen, hvis man ændrer, eller bygger videre på værket

Vi har valgt at gøre det for at maksimere specialets eksponering og andres udbytte af det. Viden skal spredes. Og vi vil have street credit ;-)

Specialet kan findes her. Læs det ikke i sengen, med mindre du ved præcis, hvad du gør.

Eclipse Platform News

NewsForge | EclipseCon on the ground

A report from the presentation Wiegand and Gamma held on EclipseCon yesterday. About Eclipse.

The project has also gained independence from IBM. And now Sun might fear the future of NetBeans or even “the Java world”.

Eclipse Plugin Central has just been launced and it looks promising compared to the Eclipse Plugins website. I don’t mean to diss the latter, but in order to leverage (marketing bs word, I know) the Eclipse platform further I think this is an important move.

Update: Book Preview — Eclipse: A Java Developer’s Guide . But if you know how to use ant, there’s nothing new here. [via Hessellund]

Java Conference Tomorrow

The thesis guys and me have received funding for a one day Java conference tomorrow[in danish], put together by JavaGruppen (The Java Group).

It’s about
* aspect oriented programming
* reflective server architectures for J2EE
* XDoclet2
* Ease of development through standards

We’re looking forward to a minor break from writing, meeting people and the chance to get new input and some good discussions.

Of course we are primarily into it for the money aspect oriented programming, although the other subjects are within our field of interest as well.

Oh, and there’s also the chance of running into future employers. After all I’m between education and job as of April 1st.

I hope we get a fancy badge.

Programming Languages – The Map

Computer Languages History

Visual representation of the history of programming languages. It looks as if the early years were more interesting when it comes to cross breeding and mutation.

I miss some of the language extensions to Java as Groovy, Jython. Groovy is an independent language with some of the characteristics from Ruby and Python, but designed to run in the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Jython is a Python implementation integrated with Java.

The upcoming Java 1.5 will also borrow some language features from scripting languages like PHP, like the foreach($array as $element) construct.

My point is that languages are still developing and influenced by other languages.

And where is whitespace? ;-)

update: Most popular scripting languages for Java in 2003. More on scripting languages : why?, which?, the future?.
update II: In pursuit of perfection — Can Java become the perfect technology platform? — another Hessellund link and quite relevant I think.
[via Hessellund]

New stuff in JDK1.5 – Wildcards

FunTechs talk

Mads Torgersen gave a talk on the use of Wildcards and generics in JDK1.5 yesterday. He contributes to the thing.

The wildcard is an enhancement for Java that addresses some of the typing problems in the current version. Prepare for new syntax…

I think I got about 33% of it. The rest was wrapped in mental darkness. But then again – I am not King Geek. Just a humble servant.

People talk about wildcard and stuff at the Java Forums Adding Generics section.

PS: They say that it hurts when your brain grows. But it also hurts when someone slams a hammer into the back of your head. Beware of causality.