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Ballmer in 1986 Windows 1.0 TV-Commercial

Reverse - one helluva game!A couple of years ago I found a link in a newsgroup pointing to a microsoft online magazine, with an old Windows 1.0 TV-commercial featuring Steve Ballmer, yelling and screaming about Windows Write, spreadsheet and Reverse. Yes the game.

Today I found it again after searching and searching. On a Brazilian website that crashes Mozilla Firebird. You wouldn’t belive what I’ve been through.

So, here it is, the direct link: Ballmer Presents Windows 1.0! [.asf - windows media player required]

Opinion: This is good stuff wrapped in bad quality.

PS: behold and relax, it’s not sitting on top of fiber-optics….

[Brought back to memory by Webmercial]

On Concentration and its Enemies

For a couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about what I read at the website of author Neal Stephenson. He’s qouting Donald Knuth:

Email is a wonderful thing for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. But not for me; my role is to be on the bottom of things. What I do takes long hours of studying and uninterruptible concentration.

Checking up on the Knuth citation I discovered, that he hasn’t had an email-address since 1990 and furthermore asks people to write him a letter, if they want his attention. Letters that are dealt with per batch every three months. Now, Knuth is a very respected computer scientist, writer and inventor of LaTeX, so it’s not that he doesn’t dig. He does. But he needs to concentrate. So does William Gibson in his supposedly last blogpost.

Email, Instant Messaging, web browsing, blog reading, blog commenting and blog posting are all activities that takes time. And concentration from the job at hand — let alone the situation where all of the above is the job at hand.

It’s not that I’m quitting. I’d just like to be more efficient and maybe shut down various pieces of software from time to time, not caring about who’s signing in or out just now or how fresh I want my email to be when I read it. Or my fish when I eat it. No. Skip the fish part.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Using Firebird as a PowerTool

Today I became aware of the nice keywords feature in Mozilla Firebird. The browser to end all browsers. Or just IE for now.

If you type ‘google horse’ in the address-field it will do a google search for ‘horse’.
If you type ‘dict horse’ it will look up ‘horse’ on

But the fun has just begun!
You can define your own keywords and pipe requests to tool-sites of your choice.

How to do it:
1. find an online service, that encodes your request in the url, like google “”
2. make a bookmark in firebird
3. manage bookmarks -> bookmark properties
4. add your preferred keyword
5. edit the location property by adding a %s for the argument you would like to pass on to the page.
6. Example:
7. Test it.

If you’re in doubt, you can check the predefined keywords in the ‘quick searches’ folder in the ‘manage bookmarks…’

Or you can take my examples below, right-click bookmark them and supply your own keywords.

I have made these so far:
de [danish word] — translates the word from danish to english on
ed [english word] — the other way around
dsn [danish word] — danish dictionary from

Any website that uses url-encoded arguments for form-submissions can be a part of your toolbox.

Statement: this is in fact productivity boosting.
Counter-statement: blogging is not.

Finger Crossing Request

I have an apartment. It’s nice. But it’s on the first floor, which means that it tends to be a little dark this time at year.

Today I learned that the couple living in the apartment 4th floor to the left are about to buy a house. Good for them. Or rather: I’m really happy for them!

Now, the thing is, that we have a rule in this Cohousing Cooperative (Andelsboligforening) that grants residents a first right to take over apartments that people leave. A step up the ladder.

The apartment in question has an extra room. And loads of light. And the rent is only 100 DKR extra a month… Drool. Drool.

Here’s the catch: I’m not the first in line. In fact I’m third in line. If One or Two chooses to move in, I can take over their apartment. But but but but I’d really like to get there first. To the top of the ladder in one giant leap.

So could you guys out there pleeeeaaase cross your fingers?

With a more attractive apartment I might be able to find a nice girl. A little one that I could take care of. Or a big one that could take care of me. Maybe a nurse. That would really bring the old bus back on the road!

They’ll let me know Sunday.

Update, Sunday: Hrmpf. It looks like One got it. But I can have her apartment. 5th floor. Light and rooftops. And warmer. I think I’m going for it. The expenses should be kept to a minimum. Below DKR 1000, the movement of phone and DSL included. And beer for the moving squad.
Thanks for the crossing of fingers — I’m sure it helped me!

Copenhagen Photo Safari

This is my pack of 9 shots from an autumn Copenhagen Photo Safari this saturday. A reccurring thing with Bloggers Copenhagen.
Only Jorsal and I went strolling. The wind was piercing cold to the bones. But it was fun.

The pictures have short tool-tip descriptions. Mouse’em over.


Rasmus and Hans-Henrik missed it. The former was sleeping and the latter was busy.

Tech: Canon A70 with various settings. Mini tripod.
Post-edit: manual levels in imageready–> resize –> unsharp mask –> stroke border –> save optimized (jpg-quality set to match approx. 100kb)

(Russian) Posters

Bulanov PosterI moved into this apartment in june, and since then I’ve been looking at white walls eventually mounting a few silly things here and there, but it’s still the same white in white.

So I’m looking for posters. Nice ones. Found this poster in this russian poster webshop. Expensive originals. Copies from $60-250. Artist: Dmitrii Bulanov.

They have a lot of really cool stuff!

Found some other Bulanov reprints elswhere on the net, but not this baby :-(

I need links to cool posters. Graphic design. Not Monet.

Update: I just received the answer from New Gallery:

The original of the poster costs 4800 dollars. USA
The copy costs 150 dollars, together with the postage.
The copy is made on equipment HP on a matte paper,
200 g/m

I think not!

No. 100: The Flying Dog

Can you belive this!?! It's bloody flying!Could there be a better 100th blogpost anniversary than the announcement of my first flying dog spotting!

Spotted it out of my window where I found it surfing the roof tops in the style of a century.

Read this article on cnn about the increase in flying dog traffic in urban areas throughout the world.

I hope to inspire to the documentation of this new phenomenon. I can’t stress this enough: We need to understand this.

So help me. Help humanity. Send proofs. @