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Technical Documentation – Are You a Good Technical Writer? – Rant-style piece on doing technical documentation.

Writing Good Documentation – How to approach the task as “a set of generic guidelines”

Writing and Programming – Next of Kin – Juxtaposing writing and programming as similar activities. Very interesting – I think I’ve heard about academic studies on analogies between program code and literature – anyone?

In our thesis we should be able to explain and convey very complex software in the best possible way.
Text, code examples, software diagrams and how-to’s/guides should be different perspectives on the same software, but balancing these perspectives into the perfect output is no simple matter.

Just think about it. Again and again.

Thesis coming up…

Today we got a little closer to a subject for our thesis in Software Development at the
Rasmus from provided some highly skilled and valuable coaching and we are getting closer to an actual subject.
As for now it’s about the open source J2EE application server JBoss. How it is designed and how to use and modify it.
Some of the theoretical stuff might concern Aspect Oriented Programming and Reflection issues.
I can allmost see the big pile of books that will have to be covered before things start making sense…
This might not make any sense to you. Don’t you worry ’bout a thing – baby ;-)