Monthly Archives: March 2003

.opml-based blogroll on your right!

Inspired by I wanted an updated blogroll reflecting which weblogs I read through my rss-reader (Syndirella).
Initially I wanted to do the xsl transformation runtime, but I discovered that php wasn’t compiled with sablotron on my webserver (yet) so I hacked together a transformer in Java ( that transforms an .opml-file (blogroll.opml) as generated by Syndirella into html (blogroll.html) using an .xsl stylesheet (blogroll.xsl) that I stole from Pollas….
It’s not exactly automated – I still have to drop the html file here through ftp (or the more secure SCP), but until the sablotron is up and running it will do just fine.

Going to London – don’t miss what?

On thursday Malene and I are going to London for an extended weekend. And yes, wir freuen uns!
Staying at the Regent Palace Hotel on Piccadilly Circus – apparently one of the budget classics – we’re in the midst of the action.

The thing is, we haven’t exactly been overdoing London, so if anyone has any opinion about which bar/pub /museum/park/brothel/café/street /sewer/wax-museum/shop/ bookstore/whatever/ it would be a sin to miss, post it here. I’d really hate to miss any yumyum sights ;-)

Oh, and BTW – we do not like musicals

New camera in the household

Tonight I got my new digicam, a Canon Powershot A70, a replacement for my old 1.3mp Olympus 230.
It’s ‘only’ 3.2mp but I think it’s got a nice value-for-money score (DKR 3250). And I topped it with a 256mb kingston Compact Flash card, so I can shoot 154 pictures in a resolution of 2048×1536. Mmmm.
I really like the real-photographer-features and I just took this picture out of the window – copenhagen by night and a 15 sec. shutter. The blue light is not a bug in my camera but the a neon sign reading “Lois P klubber”. Fun fun fun :-)
Pocket cameras nowadays must be able to do video and sound, which in a market where features equals value equals higher pricing is not surprising, but somehow I think it is too much and taking the romance out of the silent snapshot. No, nooo that’s not good enough – you should audio-comment your pictures (yes you can do that…) and get some live motion while you’re at it.

On the other hand – I am a gadget guy, so it’s not too bad making a statement on .avi and run it through VirtualDub – adding some hue to the movie, making it look like green iraqi sky…

But I wonder – is anyone actually using the movie features of digital cameras? I think I’m going to fool around with it for a while, but as I bought a camera and not a camcorder, I’m afraid it’s going to turn into useless stuffing.

Found Top Ten Digital Photography Tips quite useful for an incarnated wild point and shooter.

Mozilla 1.3 is out! Go fetch!

Mozilla 1.3 is available for download — and this is great! I have been using the Mozilla browser for the last year or so, and have gone through various alpha and beta versions to get the newest and nicest features and bugfixes.
Once you have downloadet the browser (and I strongly suggest that you do just that) you should check one of the greatest plugins for the browser: Mouse Gestures. This plugin will let you navigate pages, tabs and pictures by doing gestures with your mouse. It’s very useful although it sounds a bit wacky…
Mozilla is not only a browser but also a good email client, a IRC-client, a webeditor, a built-in pop-up blocker and if you get a taste for the projects at mozdev it will take you further than any Internet Explorer…
Oh yes, I almost forgot – it’s Open Source… As in free beer….
End of Commercial Break.

Wind me up!

Yesterday my parents came by, and we did some rather arbitrary adventure driving in their car. Found a spot where we could see the wind turbines from the Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Co-operative.
I really love wind turbines. My father was some kind of a pioneer, and we had this 12,5 meter windmill on one of the fields. It worked like a charm at first but eventually things got worse, and one nigth it gave up, wing debris scattered around in the area. It was a Kuriant, and my sister and me had to walk over muddy fields in all kinds of weather to start it by pushing a big red button. No, we didn’t make much money at all, but we could use the sauna when the wind blew. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia. Mmmmm.

UPDATE:(april 8th)
Got this picture on my way to London this weekend!

Soda. Play. Amazingly fun!

daintywalker.gifMan, I hate subjects. They should be catchy and yet communicate the message body in very few words. Well, this is about sodaconstructor, a… well I don’t really know what to call it, but a kind of modelling tool for doing living 3d-grid stuff.
This stuff is highly addictive. You can play around with readymade models or you can make your own, and share it with your friends. Do me a favour: try it.

WiFi come to me

I don’t really need it. We live on 46 square meters on the 6th floor. I sit working on my desktop on top of my desk (did that sound funny…) with my feet tangled up in (no not blue) that well-known subdesk wormpit of wires and electricity and dust and heat and what else evil.
And I just hate it. Although Malene hates it even more.
I want to be wireless but I seem to be less wireless than ever. I’d just like to feel that wifi freedom that people almost write songs about. But I can’t justify it. Damn Damn Damn.

I guess I’d better wait another six money-saving months for the big laptop shopping. Yahoo. It will be the great wonder of wirelessissity! And most important of all: by then McDonalds restaurants will be 802.11b hotspots. Mmmm… no wires – all fat!

Sex is really really bad…

Yeah, I’m a sexist… – but this is classic! (update: link removed because of 404′ism)
Pick up the some of the early playboy pinups. Innocence. Avoid the eighties – the sparse clothing is just too ugly.
So I guess this is where I should start justifying my interest in this oh so dirty subject. From an intellectual point of view. Cultural studies and stuff. Just to keep my path clean. But I do read dazereader sexblog and yes it does link to nudity. But also to good advice on how to become a male pornstar… After reading it I thought it over and decided to skip it…