Monthly Archives: April 2003

Knoppix — a demo Linux experience

I just discovered KNOPPIX Linux Live CD. It’s a bootable Linux-CD that lets you try out the Linux Desktop Experience without messing up your hard disk and ruining your windows partition. It comes with OpenOffice and KOffice for you to play with.
You just plug it in and reboot. The system requirements are amazingly hardware-friendly.

And if you like what you see, you might as well wipe out that w32-partition of yours. And should you be glued to windows by online banking and such, you can run windows through VmWare from within Linux. Now that’s nice!

At the moment you can also get the Knoppix iso’s with bittorrent here.

This is one rocking spring!

This year has rockwise been a really nice one so far.
Kitty Wu, Kashmir and Mew. All danish rock bands with new albums out now.
Went to Kashmir in concert last night, and they really kicked ass! So did Kitty Wu last month.

I’d really like to go see Mew next month if I can find somebody to drag along. A pitty that they have this really ugly framed website with links to ‘electronics’, ‘SonyPictures’ and all sorts of utterly irrelevant garbage. Mew, can you say “integrity”? Well I am not to judge, I just like their music… Not their banner ads.

Talking about danish bandsites, the website of the rap trio Malk de Koijn is holding back information in the not-so-usability-inspired sense. It’s sort of fun if you’re just fooling around, but I’d really prefer the more boring approach (yeah, I’m that dull). They are playing/doing their thing in Vega, Copenhagen may 16th, and I’ve got tickets :-)

Back from London

Four busy rather than relaxing days in Great Britain. We kind of walked our legs off strolling around in the spring infected city. Nice parks, romance and robot sushi.
Visiting big cities we tend to avoid the indoor ‘sights’ as such. Preferring the strolls and city adventuring to the guided tours in soft lit museums.

This time I insisted on Westminster Abbey. Only to be dissapointed: yes, it is one hell of a church, but still it is amazing how many dead people they managed to get in there. Earls of this and dukes of that. House of dead Lords. It’s like trying to get through a too big whipped cream cake. If the dead people in that church are doing the interior decoration in the afterlife just because ‘they got there first’ I’d rather go for the party below…

We also had a round of London Eye. Nice view.

No, I’m not doing a warblog, but it IS happening, right? Increased security in the airport and around the Parliament and some anti-war in front of it was the only external signs of visiting a fellow warfaring nation. Of course an excessive war coverage in the newspapers and on TV.
Ideally we would kill them all. But if they chose to change their mind and flee, there’s not much we can do. But they lost their equipment and their chain of command, so that’s OK too“, a coalition forces soldier was quoted in The Daily Telegraph.
I don’t get it, and I don’t like it.

Enough from Uncle Matt (known as “Onkel Mac” in Denmark for some reason..)

PS: oh yeah, Blair should return Cleopatra’s Needle to its owners…
PPS: funny, just found out that another egyptian twin needle, also from 1500 BC is in Central park NY. Bush, hand it over, will you!