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Farven i dit øre [DK]

Hør 10 forskellige farver

Stof2000 på Nørrebro har den i vinduet, og jeg kunne simpelthen ikke forstå, hvad der stod, da jeg kørte forbi første gang.
Anden gang kunne jeg ikke dy mig.

I’m sorry if you don’t understand Danish, but the sign is an untranslatable language ambiguity in Danish.

Retro as in Dial-Up

I have moved. And it is gooood :-)
And yesterday I got online again with the built-in laptop modem blazing away data 28 kbps… It looks as if I’m stuck with this until august 1. Which is a mighty long time. But stop whining, Christian — the summer is here and it would be wrong spending it behind a desk! Yeah right. Or yes, that’s true.
Dial-up brings me back to the days when you had to be effective while online in order to get something out of your phonebill. And it’s still like that! I’m getting stressed by the ticking moneycounter! Damn I hate it. Bring back superman in me and adsl in my apartment. Please.
Oh, my mailchecking frequency has dropped close to zero. Or at least to a daily couple of times.

Besides that I really like exploring my new DK2200 neighbourhood finding the nice spots and shops.
Now I just need to find some local open wifi-hotspots. Anyone?

Update: Found The WiFi FreeSpot Directory listing WiFi hotspots in Europe including 11 in Copenhagen. Don’t know how up-to-date the directory is, but I’m going to Morgans Diner one of these days – that’s for sure! Thanks for that one, Mygdal.

Update 2: Just found another wifi-hotspot on Nørrebrogade 18b: Kassen, serving free WiFi access with your coffee. They do a damn good ice coffee :-)

Reboot Award for Collaboraid

And there was much rejoice!
A very near and dear friend of mine won the Reboot Danish Startup of the Year prize for his Company Collaboraid – a profitable 2003 OSS shop. Congratulations Lars Pind :-)

To do a little oh-so-pretentious personal promotion I could tell the story about the IM session a year and a half ago, when I came op with the Collaboraid name. Which sort of makes me the Startup Brand Consultant of the Year ;-)

The i’d-like-to-thank-speech was rather lousy though: “I’ve been too busy preparing my wedding speech for tomorrow…” — Congratulations on that one too, Lars, but you could do better than that!!! ;-)

Marc Canter on Reboot

Marc Canter on reboot.

This is one piece of salesman. Although a bit clowny and a bit too well-inspired by by the notorious Steve Ballmer Microsoft sales pitches.

When all that is said, the talk was/is about social software and simple structures.
Intelligent and quite fun in the colorful meaning of the word. Although I find a bit hard to filter the contents out. It might crystalize eventually — that’s how my brain works. Can’t help it.. ;-)

Jason Fried on Reboot

Jason Fried from 37signals talks right now on Reboot about the problems that occur when physical objects like phones and digicams are pictured alone and out of context on white backgrounds. People don’t have any way to relate to the psysical feel of the objects.
It’s about letting people relate to the objects – giving them a perspective.
Products could/should be placed in a stilleben (still life) with everyday known objects – i.e. a box of mints or an average woman hand.

My thoughts on this:
It’s really Online phenomenology a la Maurice Merleau-Ponty. How to make people relate to a thing by connecting a new thing (the camera) to an object, that they already have a bodily experience with (box of mints). Bringing it into the real.

So it shouldn’t be nescessary to go down the VR-glove path to bring the real world to the web. I think this a good and true observation.

And then an in-depth talk about web usabiity interaction problems. [imagine a lot of examples, some of them quite funny ;-) ]

The Wait

Not only an old piece of Metallica. Also the state I am in right now.
In 30 minutes I am starring in the most unprepared exam in years. It’s the last exam that is not related to our master’s thesis so in a way it marks the beginning of the end. Or just the end. So why not try to get a grip by doing some casual nonsense blogging. Blah blah blah. Censor is delayed. People are walking by. I am waiting. My shoes need a polish; the leather should be blue but I am not exactly a good keeper of shoes. Or bikes for that matter. Should go through my slides a last time, but I don’t think it would help me focus anyway. BTW: check out k9k’s Cybersex Issue it’s hilarious! And um, in Danish. But that doesn’t matter — just click the three bulleted links. It’s the IM-logs of a guy who has his own notion of cybersex, which is not exactly compatible with his partners ;-)
Still no censor. The schedule is going down. Woah! There he is. Ah. Now it should be a 30 min wait. Again. Damn. It feels like years… I’ll be back..

update: passed :-)

Downtime Apology

When you choose free dns hosting and free domain registration services you’ll have to live with occasionally being disconnected mail and webwise. Horrible as it is.
So if you have tried to reach me in the last 11 hours and you email bounced I hereby encourage you to give it another shot :-)

It’s only the second time it has happened, but next time I’ll consider paying up front.

UPDATE: Damn damn damn (And in Danish: ØV ØV ØV!). Still no e-mail :-( So forget about that other shot for now…
2nd Update: It might work now.. Sorry for the inconvenience it might have caused you.. So, send me an email while you still can ;-)

Php Referer Script

I hacked together / mutated a php referer script.
Yes I know it should be “PHP Referrer”, but someone fucked up a looong time ago while doing the HTTP specs.

You just modify the script and dump this snippet in your MT-template or elsewhere:


You must make your index file a .php file to execute the script.
And, depending on the server setup, you migth experience errors when php tries to parse <?XML. It happens because the php.ini file has allowed short open tags for php (<?...?>instead of <?php ... ?>). To override this setting you place an .htaccess file in the mt-referers.php directory with this line of code:

php_value short_open_tag 0

If you are running safe_mode, you will not be able to use this script as it uses the tail command line tool. Sorry about that ;-)

It is a modification of PHP Referer 0.1

Note that this script doesn’t require Movable Type. That’s just how I use it. All you need is a php site running on unix/linux.

update 17/11-2003: The script now takes a filter-file with domains to ignore. See my filter file for inspiration.
update 22/11-2003: Use firebird to maintain the filter-file