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Legal (Fucking) Document of the Year

The Smoking Gun:Legal Document of the Year

In Colorado a teenager used a range of f-words in front of his principal. Exactly what the teenager said is not disclosed in detail, but “he called the principal a ‘fucker, a fag and a fucking fag’”, it says.
And of course legal action must be taken… Why not… Hm.

Well, the kid’s public defender made this motion (dict.) where he shows that Fuck isn’t – afterall – such a bad word. He uses google, inlyrics and wikipedia to back his statements. One of my favorites (there are m a n y ):

Literally millions of Fucking recordings have been distributed by national recording artists, who are backed by national record labels, who seem not to have a problem proliferating this prolific word and its closely related cousins.

The f-word and related cousins are referred to as the Fuck Family.

And of course he shows that ‘Fuck’ is more google-common than ‘Mom’ and ‘Apple Pie’. Not that I would buy that one myself, but it’s goood ;-)

[via dazereader]

How to get your work done…

Slashdot | How Do You Get Work Done?
I found this thread via mikkel rønne, and he seems to be having the same concentration problems as I have been having. Days just fly by. Deadlines have impact, but my level of self-motivation is low low low.

Anyways. Tomorrow I will try to focus. Do some early morning planning. I will achieve my goals. I will hypnotize myself. I will not drink a cup of coffee every hour. I will do my sit-ups. I will be a good boy. I will give Sharpreader some slack. No blogreading. I cannot turn of the internet but limit my usage. And by the end of the day I will understand and be able to explain everything about operator precedence, binary operations and math in the Java programming language (I’m working on some teaching materials)…

So help me God.

New book on blogging…

I would really like to read this book about blogging. It consists of essays on blogging culture written by competent people from psychology, literature, sociology, cultural studies, political science, media and other theoretical backgrounds.

The problem is: it’s not there… (well not quite right, but We’ve Got Blog: How Weblogs Are Changing Our Culture doesn’t seem to be what I’m after )

It might be counter-bloggish to do a thing like this in a book, but I think the book is here to stay and more capable of conveying in-depth theoretical issues.

Could someone please write this baby?
And who could contribute?
Or are these lengthy essays already out there?
(yeah, I know, questions questions questions…)

Post CPH Blogger Meetup

Spent a couple of nice hours with some of the guys from Bredgade 40 — an unofficial and somewhat internal weblog at the Danish National IT and Tele Agency // Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation .

Nobody else turned up, so the proof-of-concept regarding was not exactly impressive. But it was definitely an interesting rendevouz. We discussed rss, e-government, blogging as identity modelling activity, the risc of weblogs turning into empty mesh-infrastructure with sparse content. And then some ;-)

Had a couple of beers. Didn’t bring laptops or digicams. Good.

Realistic Iraqi weather forecasting by Danish Troops

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Danes prepare for snow in Iraq

It’s out in the open! We Danes are prepared for any imaginable weather situation. BBC acknowledges our well-preparedness in this celebration of the hidden boy scout quality of the Danish Army.

But they are rigth! Eventually the sun will burn out, and the the Danish troops will prevail as they stride towards their enemies in the cold everlasting winter night!

One final remark: how can a nation so obsessed with weather forecasts be so wrong? I really really don’t get it…

Blogger Meetup next week in Copenhagen

Next wednesday, July 16, 1900 hrs. Prop’s Coffee Shop: Copenhagen Blogger Meetup
I will show up.

Together with goetze so far.

There’s a suggested agenda:

  • Have you used your blog to persuade people about something? Religion, politics, consumerism? Would you?
  • How do you get a blog that anyone can post on, and how do you encourage them to do so?

I don’t think these bullets really hit me…

We could go into something about what we do, why we do it and how we do it. This anti-jante blogging thing.

And shooting espressos of course.

Besides that, we should be putting face(s) on name(s) ;-)

In a way it’s a proof-of-concept, and it might turn out to be a terrible and humiliating experience. With People crying and everything…

You could be a part of that ;-)