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Spray Paint Politics II

kampminister.pngPollas did it again. This time he stencilled the Danish Minister of Defence.

‘Kampminister’ is a sarcastic re-phrasing. ‘Kamp’ means ‘Fight’ in Danish.

As usual he provides a .pdf-version for more efficient reproduction on street level.

I must admit it: I won’t do it myself. The spraying part of it. I don’t have the guts. I am innocent but feel guilty when I see police. Don’t like paint either. So if you’re looking for someone with whom you can do some night raiding I suggest you look somewhere else. Yes I’m a chicken. With the heart of a mouse. Or something like that.

This entry should probably have been in Danish.

Nature indeed i s buggy…

redemption in a blog: Nature’s flawed programming

About the sphex (wasp-like insect) and the dung beetle. The way they’re building their nests is strictly genetically programmed, and this program has not been properly debugged. Bad design of exception handling, I’d say.

It’s interesting, that evolution has not fixed these flaws, but somehow it must be inexpensive as nature hasn’t noticed. Yo Nature! Go fix!

Update: thought about it. If it aint broke — don’t fix it.

Beings superior to the human race would find some ultra-silly bugs studying us:

“It’s strange — they drink this ethanol-based stuff that makes them loose their mind and feel like shit the day after. And yet they do it again and again. Note: lacking the ability to learn from experience.”

I guess we’re not that smarter than dung beetles after all. Please forgive me, dung beetle.

No formmail here, dammit!

The default mailscript for many webhotels is FormMail.
And as it is widely used as a spam relay script, The Bad Guys now and then try to use it on any website. There is a low percentage probability that Formmail is installed, so they might as well try.

My error_log is filling up with Formmail requests, and now I wonder: Could someone come up with a nice fake script, that somehow backfires on The Bad Guys ™ ?

I might be naïve, but someone ought to teach them a lesson, right?

Ludologist on Fighting about the Rules

The Ludologist :: Arguing about the rules of a game

Jesper Juul needs academic sources about people arguing about rules of games.
Academia has its wonderful ways :-)
Uncountable times have I walked the path and we all have, I guess. Be it the rules of Croquet or Canasta.

My family is a Canasta-kind-of-family, and the rules are not static. I remember when my parents decided to skip the rule about the red threes as bonus cards and the black threes as pile-blockers. It was supposed to relieve the focus on the pile, making players less defensive, but I’m not sure that it worked that way. Anyways. The rules are now fixed. Until they meet people that play with the original rules…
Enter Argument.