Monthly Archives: September 2003

Anachronistic Pair Programming

Pair Programming BuddyAfter hours of routine coding I feel just like this hacking oldtimer — I keep him on the wall next to my desk to remind me of… Well not anything in particular to be honest, but we sit here side by side coding. In silence.

I asked the old geezer, how lonely does it get. The old geezer hasn’t answered yet.

Update: This is not a pathetic oh-so-lonely entry. Well, ok, it does sound like that alright, re-read in the morning. [quiz]The closing lonelyness remark is merely a reference to an old song.[/quiz]

And yes Mum, I’m ok. And I do eat.

Food for blogs

The other day it ocurred to me that certain subjects are oh so very likely to be overblogged. Such as the Big Copenhagen Blackout. And the announced engagement of The Heir to the Throne and his downunder wife-to-be.

It was almost über-tempting to blog these things, but they had that obvious blog-quality, that ensured me, that if I did cover this story, I’d be just like all the other guys’n’dolls blogging it.

In a way it’s very interesting to hear that multi-facetted story. Post-modern and what have we. But very often it’s the same story all over again with no personal quality, and if you’re not sure that you can deliver a distinct perspective, then you should probably just stand back. Avoid redundancy. Let me repeat “avoid redundancy”: Avoid redundancy.

At least, that’s my opinion and the reason why I’m reluctant when it comes to covering The Big Stuff.

30 30 30

Foedselsdagsminister // minister of birthdayYesterday I turned 30. And the police turned up. Telling us to turn down.

My place looks like shit. My head feels likewise. Somewhere around 30 people in my apartment. Same amount of drinks/beer in me. And I feel twice as old.

Pollas wrapped his present in this wonderful stencil :-)

Elevating? No. Going Down.

Genstart means Restart in DanishThis is from the control panel in an old freight elevator I used today.

I have used Microsoft Enabled operating systems for years.
And I must admit that the button labelled ‘Genstart’ (“Restart” in Danish) is one of the least reassuring examples of usability I have ever experienced.

Jakob and I got sort of stuck between floors, and it blinked with this HAL-ish red light. Not good. But we had no choice but to push the button and reboot the thing.
Which brought back the spark of life in the sweet old humming box.

The alternatives? Alarm! Stop! Door?

They should have put an “I’m feeling lucky” button next to it.

Spray Paint Politics III

fogh.pngPollas has published his third political stencil “Fogh is a four letter word”. The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

First I thought it was a reference to a great song by Cake, but a google search made me doubt…

A couple of weeks ago Webmercial Jesper said it would be funny to see these stencils popping up here and there in Copenhagen. Within 24hrs I found this.
But I guess it is someone else’s crime. Or art if you’d prefer.

On Hair. On Heavy. On Hold.

KC92. Paletten. Christmas PunkBack in ’92 me and some guys from school had a band, and we tried real hard…

Yesterday we met over lamb in curry and beer.

Kangaroo Court was the name (wikipedia def). Not a really good name though. Soon it was just KC92.

KC92 was a Metallica Cover Band (although we also made a couple of homemades with a lot of f-words. And Know your enemy by Rage ATM was also on the set list).
We played a few gigs.

Yesterday we saw some of the live video footage.
Maaaaaan it rocked! Stage divers and stuff. Nostalgia.

But someone should have said “Christian, you look like shit with long hair”. They never did. And for some reason I never noticed myself. And my girlfriend back then didn’t say anything either. Eventually I let the local hairdresser shorten it. She did, and while she did it she twice used the word “Hashfidus”. You know hash and the fidus-postfix is hard to translate. A slightly dubious character or something like that (translations are welcome!).
And my grandmother clapped her hands together, saying “Ah, our old Christian is back!” I don’t really blame them. Seeing photographs from back then is quite bad. But video is downright horrible. Hairwise.

The screenshot is exactly that: a lo-fi photograph of my tv set. Consider yourself lucky ;-) But for now it will do. That’s me in the corner.