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New Year!

Checking out of the old and into the new.
Drinking a big glass of milk.
Waiting for my hair to dry.
Smoking a cigarette.
Listening to Diana Krall, “A Case of You” from “Live in Paris”:

You’re in my blood like holy wine
Taste so bitter and you taste so sweet
I could drink a case of you, Darling
And still be on my feet
And still be on my feet

Choosing between my two decent pairs of shoes. Campers win.
Behind me, a year of breaking up and moving on.
Before me, finishing university, getting a job and spring.
Piles of procrastinated stuff on my desk that should have been taken care of. And a box of mints, a Flaming Lips album and the remote control for my cd player.
In a few minutes I’ll be out the door.
I will return next year. Hopefully still on my feet ;-)

Take care!

Personlig betjening [DK]

Eske sendte mig dette link:

Sjældent har jeg identificeret mig med en maskine på samme måde før. Fuck, det er sgu synd! Nogen burde gøre noget!!!

Lad os lave en underskriftindsamling.
En Free Willy film.
Et fakkeltog.
En sang med en masse kendte.
En hjemmeside.
En plakat.
Og et blad.

Xmas V

Xmas in Frisco is a alternative christmas music streaming station.

“Santa Claus is an old Bitch”.
“Christmas on acid”.
Classic carols.
Classic carols spiffed up.

We’re listening to it right now: “Grandpa got ran over by a beer truck” (???)

Christmas is Coming.
Over and out.

Upd: “Weird Al Yankovic: Christmas at Ground Zero” … “The Mushroom Tabernacle: The 12 Drugs of Christmas”.

[via angermann]

Weblog Comments and Social Contracts

Ok. You’re here. And you read this entry for some reason. Then you think “wow, that was interesting/funny/stupid/wrong” or “what the hell does he mean??” or “there’s more to it than that:…” and decide to leave a comment saying just that.

Now. So far we have
A: “blah blah blah” [that's me]
B: “John Doe has an interesting point about blah blah here(link)” [that's you]

This is where I get confused.
Does B expect me to answer his/her comment? Will he/she be disappointed if I don’t, thinking that I just broke some kind of conversational contract?

I just don’t know.

Somehow it’s related to warnock’s dilemma (Here, October 03) as it’s also about comments but only the ‘to comment or not to comment’ situation.

What are my social responsibilities as a host for a discussion in my comments?
What are you supposed to do or not do as a commenting guest?
Are there i.e. any turn taking rules?
How does anonymous posting fit in?

Any thoughts on this?

Update (2003-12-22): Pål pointed me towards Mark Pilgrim’s comment policy. It’s not exactly what I’m onto. But definitely of relevance.

Good and Bad News About Elf Libidos

What Tolkien Officially Said About Elf Sex

We’re going for the Two Towers extended version tonight. Return of the King on Thursday.

I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not remotely as dedicated as this guy who has written a paper on the sexuality of elves:

Ever since the movie of the book Fellowship of the Ring came out, there seem to be two popular ideas about Elves’ sex lives. Either they are radiantly asexual, or they are all screwing each other madly, along with any dwarves, hobbits, and men who happen along. Whichever you prefer is usually based on how attractive you think Orlando Bloom is. Tolkien’s history of Middle-Earth provides us with some information about elvish sex lives.

To be honest: the sexuality of elves never crossed my mind.

upd: swapped the qoute with a better one.