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If you want to use this Social Network service, you will have to be invited by a member.

Excluuuuuuuuuuuuuuusive, huh?

“a network of trusted friends”. The members are sorted by ‘most friends’. So, the currency is friends. Yeah, I figured that out allright.

Example: Marc Canter has 200 trusted friends. With that amount of friends you need a piece of social management software, that’s for sure.

Drop me a comment or a mail, if you want an invitation.

Oh, and it comes with an integrated dating service of some kind ;-)

update: I thought about this. I don’t think that it’s possible to have 200 trusted friends. Close relations must be maintained, and there must be a upper limit somewhere. Jobs and relationships could (should, in fact) bring that limit down. But maybe I just got the word “trusted” all wrong — maybe these friends are people that you would trust to park your car or hold the door for you.

Orkut might be ok. I just think that it’s a bit phony with the invitees only stuff and I find it hard to belive that it’s a killer service. For me, at least. But I’m open — who knows what lies around the corner? I’ll just play with it for a while and see what happens. I might even turn into an Orkut Evangelist within a month!

MyDoom Filtering in Thunderbird (UPDATE!)

This is not the original post.

The story goes like this: I had a wonderful solution for filtering out the literally hundreds of 31kb myworm emails in my mail client. So as the caring and sharing person I am (it’s true, you can ask my mom) I decided to put it here.

Luckily techclaus came to the rescue.

The solution was wrong. And stupid. So if you have constructed a filter from my guidelines, you should delete it again.
My credability has probably suffered a major blow. But that’s okay.

But it’s still important that you protect yourself from spreading the worm. I insist.

Pale Rider Revisited


My dear /many made this one for me.

I’m speechless.

Approximated translation:

“That day Hanne-Dorthe shovelled snow after work. After that she poured her husband a glass of red wine, but she stumpled over the shovel. Hanne-Dorthe has a broken ankle now, and must do the cooking on one leg. By this we learn that we must put the tools back where they belong after use.”

It Will be Deleted…

If you want to send me an email with an attachment you should avoid 31KB-33KB files…
I will not read it. I will delete it. As I have done with hundreds of emails within the last 48 hours.

And my Thunderbird can’t do size-based filtering :-(

To all you infected people out there: seek medical care, your digital self has been exposed to a parasite. An evil worm. Mt.My Doom.

BTW: this might be the number one dull post of all times in here. As I type I waste your time and my time. And it will happen again. But don’t we all prefer fireworks on a black background?

Reading Poetry through Reality

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep

This is four classic lines from the hand of Robert Frost.

I will avoid post modern (PoMo) mumbojumbo and try to be as straightforward as possible.
It is a question of getting the metaphors right. Or just about right. Or utterly wrong. The important thing is to make the poem talk to you. Touch you even. That was two metaphors in a row.

Let’s see. We’re dealing with the woods, more than one promise, a distance of several miles and a person ‘I’.

The woods are described as a tempting container, ‘deep’ is emphasizing that the movement is into the forest, not over the forest or around the forest for that matter. But ‘I’ cannot go into the forest because of some promises that are tied to a location several miles away. And apparently in the opposite direction. Damn, huh? The repeating of the third line is a tired sigh.

But what does it mean?

Two Interpretations
Wood = my bed.
Promises = finish thesis by the 1st of March
Miles to go = pages to write
Sleep = sleep.

Wood = my bed.
Promises = show running application next friday at meeting.
Miles to go = hundreds of line to code.
Sleep = sleep.

This fragment of Robert Frost is a returning visitor. Like a dear old friend with a bad habit of showing up when I’m just too busy.

Another returning friend that I will deal with another day is these three lines by W. H. Auden:

The sky is darkening like a stain;
Something is going to fall like rain,
And it won’t be flowers.

This is not one of my best friends.